In that morning, we, me and tia, don’t have a fixed plan. Only one thing that we know, we have to go to some place which has good scenery. Our perspective about good scenery is everything which has relation to nature, not mall, big city, shopping center, etc. Recently, we have new hobby, camping. It is a moderate choice when we don’t have enough time and not strong enough to climb the mountain. At least, when we are camping, we also can breathe the cold air, fresh and clean. At that moment, our tentative plan is camping in Dieng. But then there was a new idea. I don’t know where the idea came from. It was just suddenly appears. And I said to tia, “we are going to climb Lawu”. And tia answered it with a great smile, symbolize she agreed. We also decided to invite some one who wants to climb the mountain. We were calling many our friends. And finally, only one man who accepted our invitation, his name is kelik. We were riding motor cycle to reach Lawu Mountain. We took 4 hours from jogja to lawu. Exhaust trip actually. But it was nothing if it compare to the great compensation, lawu’s scenery. We arrived in lawu base camp at 9 pm, it was very cold. We spent that night in base camp. We did preparation all things and especially our stamina. In next day, We climb lawu starting from Cemoro Sewu at 9 am. We took 10 hours to reach the top of mountain. Obviously, it was not normal, 10 hours was too long. Yea.., we are not the professional climbers. We are only a bunch of person who loves the mountain, not more. In the next day, we were back through different path, cemoro kandang route. We were looking for different scenery. I had through this path once. Nearly from post II, we met with lawu mountain volunteer, working on cemoro kandang sector. Like all volunteer that me and tia met before, no one of them has old-face. All of them looks so young and brightly, even though their age is very old, 30 – 40 years old. But they are still like twenties. Me and tia often discus it. Only one reason that can explain it, the way of thinking and enjoy the life. They do cheerful thing everyday, looks like they don’t recognize stress which caused of many pressures. Life is so free. Me and tia always envy with this thing. The greatest bless from god. One thing made this journey little bit different with another was the information that we collected. We had a chat with the volunteer. The subject was about cemoro sewu and cemoro kandang. Cemoro kandang located in central java province and cemoro sewu located in east java province. The different place implicate to different development too. It is all about policy that made by province government. East java government put the cemoro sewu as a potential place to develop to be tourism place. Hence, the east java government invests their big money to make up cemoro sewu as good as they can. The east province government also made the path to climb the lawu mountain “better”. They made lawu’s path wider than before. There were many big stone destroyed. Along the path there were only small stones in good arrange that we can see. In contrary, cemoro kandang still use the old path, “traditional” path. There is no development. But the volunteer of cemoro kandang proud with this situation. He said “it’s easier to climb lawu from cemoro kandang. You will not feel tired and your feet will not feel hurt”. He also argues about the bad effect in using stone as path. One day, when the heavy rain, it will be lahar dingin, because of the stones will be falling down which carried by million cubic of water. It will danger many people. The big investment also implicate to the tax. It is become more expensive. Finally, the point critic of the development in cemoro sewu is: intervene of human to develop the “better” place in lawu, sometimes make it not beautiful as nature made.


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